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Friday Morning Reflections

As I looked out the window this morning and saw this view, I was immediately reminded of that song we used to sing in Church. "I shall not be moved" These mountains and trees that have been here for so long make this pastor reflect on the majesty of a creator that put all of this in place. I am so thankful that God made this temporary world so enjoyable for the seemingly short time we spend here in light of eternity in heaven.

Approaching thanksgiving, I have been reflecting much on what I am thankful for. If you want to hear the whole sermon, you'll have to make it to Church or wait on the podcast.

But I am very thankful for this time of retreat we have been on. Thankful for the Church that sent us, the District that prioritizes this time, and for the God that called.

Take some time to be thankful not just in this season of life, but all year round. God provides us with so many reasons to be thankful, let us rejoice and be glad in it all year round.

Let us plant our roots in the waters of God so that we can bear fruit, and be green and merry all year round. Let our prayer truly be "I Shall Not Be Moved" this and every season of our lives. There are so many circumstances that come our way that try to move us, be rooted in the one who never changes and is stronger than strong enough to hold you right where He has called you to be.

Maybe I'm rambling on but if I were to condense this into a 3 point outline it would go something like this.

I. Be Thankful Always!

II. Appreciate the Beauty and Majesty of God in even the little things!

III. Plant your roots in the waters of HIs love and do not be moved by anything!

Love and Blessings,

Pastor Matthew

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