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About us

our Staff:
Rev. Matthew D. Lowry

Rev. Matthew D. Lowry

Senior Pastor

Courtney L. Lowry

Courtney L. Lowry

Associate Pastor of Connections, Outreach & Worship

Joshua K. McDowell

Joshua K. McDowell

Associate Pastor of Age Group Ministries

Our Focus: 

God gave us four things for our Church to work on for this year and until He gives us another objective.


We are called to be people of prayer, this helps us to connect with God in fresh and new ways which help us to conqueror what life throws our way. We have a need to pray each and every day because we need God's blessings to fall fresh on us every day.

Reading Scripture:

We are called to be people rooted in God's Word. We need to stay connected with the Word of God that is living and active and has more encouragement for us than we could find anywhere else. Reading from Scripture every day is proven to improve our outlook on life and to help us to tackle everything that life throws our way.

Encouraging Others:

We believe that we have been called to be encouragers for the people that God places in our lives. We should build each other up as we walk this road together. There is so much hate in the world that we believe the Church should have no part in it and that we should do everything we can to be an encouragement to the people in our lives. 

Living Holy Lives: 

God called us to be Holy because He is Holy. It is as simple as that. God created us in His image and we have to act like we know what it means to be called children of God. Does this mean that we are perfect? NO! But it does mean that we are striving to be more like Christ each and every day and that we are going to do everything that we can to follow the example that has been laid for us by the Son of God. 

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